Be Still, My Beaten Heart

Kindness strips you of your masks & armour and leaves you to the devices of  carrion and highwaymen who harrass and  (b)eat you, then leave you shredded but not dead, till cold wind eats your dessicated bone, all the while your heart still beating. With your last breath, Kindness will grasp your heart in her hands; she will grin as your mind fades and your soul slips. That final mask will fall off and you will see Kindness for all he his – a hooded, cloaked spectre of bone – boney digits of one hand clasped around a shaft of woode bereft of time, tipped by a shiny Scythe, and the other, outstretched, will offer you a blade hilt first.


Lay Him Down

Where does the Ranger go
To lay him down
To lay his head
And Rest forever
Where does he go
To let things slow
Down forever and
Never to go
Out into the world
Save his last Journey
From death to dust
Will he slow
Down in silence
Amidst the cacophony
Of the Wayward Inn
Amongst the Ancient trees
By Heros, Thieves and Travellers
In mystique and miscomprehension
He will go
Tight lipped straight faced and


Children of Dreamers


Children of Dreamers

Hail, great Automatons!
Children of the Industrial Age and
Grand Children to the Victorian.
Hark, how they forsake their
Great Grand lineage of Dreams.

Great grandfather was a Dreamer.
He had Dreams; he sought Change
for his children’s betterment, and
so he Wandered —
Lonely as a Cloud.

In pensive Solitude he found
majesty in Simplicity.
Belittled by Nature and
humbled in Introspection,
he went forth and Changed.


in the dead of the night
howl so.
hair raising, blood curdling in
awesome arresting silence.
Silver drops
rain like bullets
smash onto glass
breaking cracking obliterating.
Echoes of silence ringing,
Ringing, ringing;


whirring –

Eighty eight point nine?
Ninety nine point five?
Nighty five point zero?
Eighty eight point …
Sod it.

Zhep-zhep, zhep-zhep.
Exeunt number 5.
Steel up, man up, Smile.
The little trooper needs to know
daddy’s home and
everything’s gonna be a ok.


Starlight Symphony

Starlight Symphony

As they dance
With each other,
They shine and twinkle,
And circle and sway —
Dwarves, giants, & twins, in
Colours of white, red or yellow.

As they dance,
They burn from within;
With flame-passioned desire,
They give and give –
(and give yet more) –
Till pin-pricked
They can, no more.

As they fade,
They give their all;
When there’s none to give,
Inward they fall,
and leave but Nothingness
in their wake.

This dance they do,
From Dawn till Dusk.
Worlds enthralled,
They too dance,
but alas, their last.
The final movement must past