The IT Tech Infinite loop

Liddat lor, then how?
Can meh? so simper meh?
But den never see leh…
Issit? Check again.
check liao… Got what!
But dis side dun have!
Sure not?
Then liddat how?
The liddat lor!
Cannot be dun have have.
Sure have one!
You wait a while den see.
Kia. Sio hoon… lim kopi
maybe later got
ho-seh la! on!
Wait I take my hoon kee…
Hurry up can? Hot sia!
OK got it! Gia!

Ey… you got ji kee bo?
You say you go take?!
I thought box inside got mah!
Cheekoosai! Na, na, na! *puff*
My lighter bo hong liao
Lau-ey! Take mine lah hor?
Ok kia!
Ke torh-lorh?
Go Back lah…
Wah lau… dum kcs can?
Simisai kcs?
Kangcheong spider lah!
You dunno meh?
Now I know lor. Not I kancheong
I finish liao…
Ha? So fast?? I smoke one more lah…
Orh. Er… got hoonkee jio not?
Nahai! Why you keep taking from me??
You say some one more what!!
Wahlau! I say you kcs, smoke fast
I neh say you smoke another of my ciggrett right? O-kay! Oo-kay! Kia!

Eh looks like the same leh…
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