A Dreamer dreamed and fell asleep.
Aslumber he dreamed his dreams real;
Alas! he wakes with a konk on his head.
It seems perhaps he fell out of bed?


Eat to Sleep

Eat with such rambunctious joy and fervour,
that your body be weak
from the lustful throes of
tongue and teeth on cheek and palette.
Let the food moan and whisper in their grasps,
before succumbing
to that relentless push-pull that sends flavourful juices ejaculating,
streaming,  dribbling.
Down the pipe
some dribbling down the chin

See what chore it is! Alas!
It is back to bed then!  Alas!
Then wake again and
eat again! Alas!

[Posted as a comment to friend’s status update about decisions]