Cracked, crushed & crusted over,
Flat out, flown about, & flung away.
He lay in his bed
As the sun traversed the sky,
And thought how he would
Bake in Sol’s glorious
On another day.
Crushed – nowhere to go
Nothing to do –
Beaten down and wishing
The Scythe come hither
To take him on that
Last magical ride on his
Favorite unicorn –
Never to return,
Never to look back,
Never to awaken
But to fly fly fly.
And even now his lids
Grow heavy as She beckons.
“Take me,” he says in withered silence.
“But please,” he pleads,
“Introduce me to Unicorn,” he says,
“& burn the Bridge behind.”
Sleep mutters without lips,
And deep, sorrow filled eyes
Tell a thousand tales in a moment.
“Go now,” he hears her in his mind.
“Please,” he pleads.
“Go… I cannot decide that which you ask.