in the dead of the night
howl so.
hair raising, blood curdling in
awesome arresting silence.
Silver drops
rain like bullets
smash onto glass
breaking cracking obliterating.
Echoes of silence ringing,
Ringing, ringing;


whirring –

Eighty eight point nine?
Ninety nine point five?
Nighty five point zero?
Eighty eight point …
Sod it.

Zhep-zhep, zhep-zhep.
Exeunt number 5.
Steel up, man up, Smile.
The little trooper needs to know
daddy’s home and
everything’s gonna be a ok.


One thought on “Werepup

  1. It is my belief that poetry is a work of art that goes beyond planning, beyond expectations. Poetry is the intertwining of one’s senses and emotions mixed with a whole lot of soul and therefore, should not be judged by anyone else but the poet. Poetry is like a window to the author’s mind. Whoever is fortunate enough to perch on that sill only gets to see and hear what you want them to. I was there with you tonight and saw what you wrote. I closed my eyes and saw it all, felt it all, heard it all, down to the deafening silence.. And when my senses react, that, to me, is the mark of good writer..
    Is this your best work? It may not be, but that is according to you. Creativity is an entity that should be free from judgment. All I can tell you is to keep pushing the limit and let your mind and heart soar because you hold that key.


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