Death of Delhi

It pains me to read about the poor girl in the Death of Delhi case. I feel so angry, and hurt every time I read of details of her case, of what she suffered, and indeed the lack of humanity in her attackers. Are we not humans? Are they not? Social norms and attitudes aside, are there not fundamental rules of human interaction, and behaviour that we all follow?  Even if we were to bring in Religion and Faith, are there no barricades of Faith and Religion that bar these people from entering such violent and evil domains?

I feel such anger and such pain that such things can happen in the 21st century. To label an entire society evil based on the acts of a few is in itself wrong, but when the whole country can admit that there is such biasness embedded in the very fabric of society, then there must be something wrong.

I wonder if Death was bad for the victim, how would she have lived had she survived? Would she have suffered? Is she better off now? I consider the opposite for her attackers. Death, if granted to them would be merciful. A life sentence, in a cushy prison cell, 3 square meals would be be luxurious. How is a crime like this even punishable? Consider the works of Aligheri, where in <a href=”” target=”_blank”>
Dante’s Inferno</a> would they be? In my  mind if we were to amalgamate all the mythological ideas of Hell from all cultures, it would not be enough.

But then, I would be guilty of Wrath. 😛